January 2016

start building the shelter.


November 2015

Visit the terrain met with proprietaire discuss whether to build a shelter for street and abandoned animals.

"Milan" a little puppy, victims of all the viruses circulating in the "Souk Moncef Bey" in Tunis an illegal market for the sale of animals, and the lawless breeders without sanitation and control.
Do not buy, adopt.

Rescue of the dog, who was crushed by a car.

Rescue of puppies, their mom's found massacred by the municipal police. 

Sterilization of "Wisky"
Among the advantages of neutering of dogs is to avoid fights between them.

Sterilization of "Souzy Farmor" an adorable stray cat.

Sterilization of "Maya" and removal of five fetuses.

 January 2016

Working on various cases of emergency, sterilization of cats, neutering of dogs and try to ensure good adoptions for them.

September 14, 2015
"Miiko" a boy of five months, quiet and charming. He was run over by a car while he was sleeping near the sidewalk. A young girl who observed the whole thing took him to the emergency room. After surgery, veterinary clinic, and 15 days of convalescence of a member, he was transferred to SOS, where he later comes to a loving family. It is and will primarily be a miracle !!! 
He is currently 13 kg.

Two puppies brothers found abandoned on the beach was rescued by SOS animals. 

December 30, 2015

Puppies found abandoned next to a residential Essafa La Marsa, Tunis.

December 22, 2015
The female pitbull was Rescued a found abandoned.


April 6, 2015

DIEGO getting better day by day, now her leg surgery, and almost healed wounds. He broke the neck of the femur, a broken knee. He received two injections of corticosteroids in the veterinary clinic by PAT Association (who saved him). Not until the recovery of motor function in his legs is determined if there will be another operation or not. We collected 330 Tunisian dinars to cover the coasts. 


March 27, 2015

" Enzo", a small puppy rescued from the street by a membe, so pretty quiet, soft and players.


16 Novembre 2015

"Jasmine" a beautiful cat was bitten, treated by a veterinarian and was adopt by a member.

Sterilization of a street cats, one of our goals to reduce the number of stray cats.

We try to put stray cats after rescues and sterilization in a secure and safe environment. We trying to build a shilter through donations to protect this them from the street and looking for good adoption later.   

May 26, 2015
"Cosimodo" was found on the beach in paralyzed condition and was rescued by a member. Today and after treatment is much better and looking for a good adoption.
"Cosimodo" very kind and family dog.

December 30, 2015

Rocky was found abandoned and tied with a piece of string around the neck and in a miserable condition.