What we do in Tunisia ?

With our local partner organization SOS Animaux Tunisie and Association PAT many dogs and cats are vaccinated, sterilized and receive care. We and these organizations also work in the long term throug educating pets owners on how to care of their animals.
We are now poised to teach children in Tunisian schools in how to take care of animals and how they have the responsibility for their pets.


Sterilisering, vaccination

With our local partner organization SOS Animaux Tunisie and Association PAT  we work with many differents operations to help pets  vaccinated, sterilized, care and adoption...


Build shelters and kennels for stray domestic animals through donations and the efforts of Member


 After rescue and care we look for good adoption for the pets with following for some cases   

We work in the long term to reduce the suffering of animals when the government they don't care about this subject and the police of the municipal they kill the street dogs always.
In addition, we try to establish contacts with the relevant authorities to influence to have a law to protect animals and to unveil too the miserable situation of parks animals in Tunisia also the illegal sale of some animals such as gazelles and monkeys...